Owner / Project Manager

Werks Media's owner, project manager, and lead designer Dave Allen has been involved in graphic art and web design since 1997. Dave has enjoyed being involved in many types of art for over 25 years, including drawing, painting, and being a professional musician.

In 1997, Dave brought his fanatical attention to detail into the world of web and graphic design and never looked back. He taught himself web design from many different sources both on and off of the internet, with a mindset to be the best without taking any shortcuts.

Today our goals remain the same, and everything we do at Werks Media is done with the same fanatical attention to detail that it all started with.

Our Mission Statement

Werks Media was started from its inception to be a full service web design firm who delivers sites that are fully effective. Websites that put all of the pieces together to provide a productive website with full functionality.

It is not good enough for our team to design web sites that just look good. We demand that our client's web sites rank well on the search engines, load in a timely manner, provide an intuitive user experience, and increase your visibility improving your business. What good does it do to have the worlds greatest looking website if nobody ever sees it?

Web sites always require some level of compromise, whats important is knowing the right compromises to make for your specific needs so that you get the best all around functionality and productivity. Making the right compromises isn't a compromise at all, its an advantage.

We strive to create successful web sites by seamlessly integrating the necessary components such as rapid load times, striking visual design, easy navigation, and top rankings at the search engines. You end up with more than just a website, you get an effective website that performs everywhere a website should.

Thats the Werks Media difference.
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