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website designs Effective Web Design is the cornerstone of running a successful business on the internet. You must have a thoughtful design that loads quickly, looks good, is easy to navigate, and provides potential consumers with the information they are searching for without the hassles associated with poor web design.
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Search Engine Optimizing is the key ingredient to getting your website noticed by your potential customer base on the internet.

A properly designed and optimized site can bring targeted visitors to your website, people who are actively looking for the exact services you offer. This type of site traffic has a much higher rate of conversion into sales, meaning more success for you.

Dedicated Servers, Internet Hosting, Scripting, Support

Werks Media internet and web hosting services, providing high-quality website hosting services and dedicated server packages to help your business succeed on the web.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, we offer web hosting and internet services to a wide range of clients in the local, national, and international markets.

With many powerful features for your website such as MySQL, UNIX servers, OC-3c connections, 24/7 tech support, weekly data backups, and pre-installed cgi tools, Werks Media web hosting allows your website to be the best it can be.

We offer website hosting service plans for any budget, feel free to check our internet services and compare them to others.

Silver Plan
$10 / Month

75 MB Disk Space

Unlimited E-mail Accounts

Unlimited bandwidth
Gold Plan
$15 / Month

150 MB Disk Space

Unlimited E-Mail Accounts

Unlimited Bandwidth
Platinum Plan
$20 / Month

250 MB Disk Space

Unlimited E-Mail Accounts

Unlimited Bandwidth
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